Jennifer Idrizi is an Artist and Freelance Designer. She studied at Central St Martins School of Art (Bachelor of Arts) and The Royal College of Art (Master of Arts) in London. Her studio is based in the forests of Småland Sweden, where she splits her time between making art and designing patterns and homeware products. She has exhibited her art in the US, UK, Sweden, Denmark, Vietnam and Albania. She designs patterns and homeware products for a range of international clients, such as Ikea and ScanCom International.

Jennifer works with a variety of media, depending on the idea or project. Using her broad knowledge of colour and form, her work often explores the balance between order/chaos, nature/culture, control/freedom. ‘My art and design work feed off each other. It is inspirational to move between the two. One has total freedom where I set the boundaries, the other has set criteria that challenge my thinking. Both stimulate creativity in different ways.’